Pet Loss Grief Counseling

Loving pets are in fact members of the family. They are playmates, confidants and companions offering unwavering and unconditional love and loyalty.  Don't minimize that it's "only an animal."


Grief Counseling

Experiencing grief is a natural response to loss and only by moving through the grief process can we heal. Grief counseling helps individuals by guiding them through the grief process and providing them with healthy ways to cope.


Life Happens Counseling

Do you ever wish that life was easier?   I know that I do. Sometimes life has a way of overwhelming and you feel like you’re walking in quick sand. You may experience anxiety, stress, frustration and fear.


Business Services
& Life Coaching

Business Services are available to assist individuals and companies in achieving their goals and being successful.  We provide a number of critical services.


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​New Event: REBUILDING, When Your Relationship Ends
Now is the time to take time to Heal!
This seminar will meet for two hours, one night a week for five weeks.

Classes start October 6, 2016 Click here for details

Think about all the things that make you special. The gifts, talents and skills you have. Are you using them to your full benefit? Will they take you into the future? What additional gifts, talents and skills will you need to meet future challenges? Leg Up is committed to helping people and organizations achieve their dreams and goals and reach their fullest potential.

We strongly believe in the importance of lifelong learning. In this ever-changing world we need to expand our skills and knowledge remain current and to position ourselves for the future.


Why Coaching Works. Click here

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