Life Happens Counseling

468_3212786Do you ever wish that life was easier?   I know that I do. Sometimes life has a way of overwhelming and you feel like you’re walking in quick sand. You may experience anxiety, stress, frustration and fear. I’ve heard people say, “Sometimes I just want to crawl into my bed and pull the covers over my head”. Do you ever feel that way?

Life Happens Counseling is meant to help people during those times. Sometimes you just need a person who can be objective, who can listen without judging and who can help you find perspective and clarity. Once you have that, you can pull yourself out of the quick sand.

Who might benefit from this kind of counseling? People who:

  • Have relationship issues
  • Have parent/child challenges
  • Have trouble dealing with ex-wife or ex-husband issues
  • Have trouble coping with empty nest syndrome
  • Have trouble dealing with aging parents
  • Have challenges with unwanted changes
  • Feel stressed